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Turf Fertilizing & Weed Control Program in Omaha NE

Maintain a green, weed free lawn thru the Spring, Summer and Fall with our fertilizing and weed control services for residential and commercial clients in Omaha, NE and the metro area. We provide one time fertilizing or complete fertilizing packages. 

Fertilizer Applications & Weed Control

  1. Early Spring: application of natural organic granular Fertilizer to give your turf a boost after a long winter to promote spring green up.

  2. Late Spring: application of Pre-Emergent and natural organic granular fertilizer to prevent crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, before they germinate. 

  3. Early Summer: application of a balanced weed and feed with slow release nitrogen for summer long feeding with broadleaf weed control. Seeds from broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, are picked up in the warm breeze and they land in your turf and germinate.

  4. Summer: application of natural organics granular fertilizer that provides a mid summer boost to keep your lawn strong through the upcoming hot summer months. Treat insects or grubs as needed.
  5. Late Summer: application of a slow release nitrogen granular fertilizer that helps turf recover from hot summer months. Treat insects or grubs as needed.
  6. Fall: application of winter fertilizer for the cold winter months coming up its time to prepare your turf. This application is promotes strong root growth and food storage, disease resistant, drought and traffic tolerant.

We want you to have the most beautiful lawn on the block! To get a lawn analysis, a personalized program recommendation for your lawn and placed on the schedule, just give us a call at (402) 208-2804 to request an appointment. Discounts offered on prepaid accounts.

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