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Lawn Care Services in Elkhorn NE 

Lawn Mowing in Elkhorn NE

All turf areas will be mowed once per week no more than 1/3 of the leaf blades are removed. All areas that border the grass, landscape, fences, concrete, and trees will be trimmed during each mowing. Hard surfaces will be blown clear of lawn debris for a crisp clean uniform look.

Lawn Dethatching & Spring Lawn Cleanup in Elkhorn NE

This service includes picking up sticks, blowing debris out of the landscaped areas, a light dethatching of the lawn, lawn mowing, trimming and disposal of the debris. Landscape bed maintenance can also be done at this time, including fresh mulch and new plants and more.

Fall Lawn Leaf Cleanup, Lawn Aeration & Overseeding in Elkhorn NE

This service includes blowing leaves and debris out of the landscaped areas, leaf clean up, final lawn mowing of the season and hauling away the leaves and debris. Landscape bed maintenance can also be done at this time, including pruning day lillies, hostas and ornamental grasses.

Spring or fall, aerating is one of the most important healthiest things you can do for your lawn. We run core aerators over the turf to break up compacted soil to promote better moisture, nutrient and air penetration to your turf's root zone. Aeration reduces thatch build up and will make your turf thicker and healthier.  Overseeding and lawn renovations or necessary lawn repairs can also be done to thicken up the turf’s appearance. We recommend at the time of aeration to overseed and fertilize to achieve the best results.

Lawn Fertilizer Services in Elkhorn NE

We know just how important that your lawn is to you and we work closely with all of our clients to ensure that your lawn is getting the proper treatments it deserves. All turf areas are treated with an organic granular fertilizer. We start with two applications of pre-emergent and crabgrass preventer, followed with summer and fall slow release granular that feed your grass over a period of time, and provides the nutrients your lawn needs to be lush and healthy. A late summer renovator application to recover from the summer heat and a final winter application. During the summer we also provide grub control treatments.  We also provide special applications to prevent or repair issues with your turf.

We also provide all of our lawn care and lawn mowing customers with a FREE Service which includes spraying all cracks in sidewalks and driveways for FREE and FREE spot spraying of broadleaf weeds in the lawn as needed.

Snow Removal & Ice Control
Services Elkhorn NE

We provide residential, commercial and HOA snow removal and ice control services. We offer several programs to ensure your parking lot, driveway and sidewalks are cleared when the snow falls. We are constantly monitoring weather reports and prepared 24 hours 7 days a week including evenings, weekend and holidays. 

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