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Omaha, NE Lawn Care, Landscaping & Irrigation Services

Professional Omaha lawn care, lawn mowing, aerating, dethatching, overseeding, leaf removal, fertilizing, landscaping, design, sprinkler systems services and snow removal throughout Omaha, Elkhorn, Bennington, and the metro area and beyond! From basic lawn mowing to fertilizing servicecore lawn aerating to leaf cleanup, to designing your dream outdoor space, paver patio installations, retaining walls and much more. We provide reliable and affordable services for your residential or commercial property located in Omaha, Elkhorn, Bennington and surrounding metro area.

Full Service Lawn, Landscaping & Design Specialists

We offer a wide spectrum of outdoor services, such as mowing, fertilizing, weed control, dethatching, power raking, aerating, overseeding, Spring and Fall Lawn Cleanups, leaf cleanup and removal, landscape installations, landscape bed maintenance, landscape design, snow removal and ice removal and so much more!

Our focus is on ensuring you are thrilled with the final product: whether you are wanting to build an awesome landscape with shrubs and mulch or keep your lawn green and weed free all season long.


Make your Neighbors JEALOUS, Get the most dazzling lawn you’ve ever had. Lawn mowing and edging, landscape, mulch, maintenance, retaining walls, fertilizing, and expert lawn care. Get a healthy-looking yard that can fight off pests and weather extreme temperatures - hot or cold. Your lawn will look and feel better, and because our expert lawn care techs know the secrets to promote growth, it will remain green and healthy all year long! For more information call or text: (402) 208-2804 or email: to Request a Quote


We Mow Omaha Landscaping, Lawn Care & Irrigation System Services Include:

  • Lawn mowing - Weekly, Bi-Weekly, 1-Time

  • Fertilizing Applications

  • Weed Control Treatments

  • Grub Control Applications

  • Dethatching Power Raking

  • Spring Clean ups

  • Fall Lawn Clean ups / Leaf Removal

  • Core Lawn Aeration

  • Overseeding

  • Yard Grading

  • Paver Patios, Walkways and Driveways

  • Landscape Design

  • Planting - Shrubs, Trees & Bushes

  • Landscape Edging

  • Landscape Bed Rock & Mulch Delivery & Installation

  • Decorative Rock Delivery & Installation

  • Drainage Solutions & Corrections

  • Irrigation System Installation

  • Sprinkler Start Up

  • Sprinkler Winterization & Blowout

  • Sprinkler System Repairs

  • Snow & Ice Removal

Professional Local, Reliable, & Experienced Lawn Mowing Services In Omaha, NE

Save time and make your lawn look stunning from April to October with weekly lawn mowing service. Our lawn mowing pros manicure to the perfect height, trim the grass around trees, landscape beds, fences, etc to ensure a uniform appearance, and blow grass clippings from landscape beds and off hard surfaces. In addition to weekly mowing service, we offer bi-weekly and one time lawn mowing. Going on vacation for a week or two and need someone to ensure the lawn mowing gets done? We've got you covered, call or text us today at (402) 208-2804 or email us at

Lawn Mower Selection Support
Lawn Yard Dethatching / Power Raking and Spring / Fall Debris / Lawn / Leaf Clean Up

After months of bitter cold temperatures, high winds and snow piled on your lawn, after the snow melt we are left with less than desirable lawns in urgent need of maintenance. The work done to your lawn in Spring will set the tone of a healthy lawn throughout the season. Request an estimate today for dethatching / power raking and cleaning up your lawn and get your lawn off to it's best start yet! Call or text us today at (402) 208-2804 or Request a Quote


We offer lawn mowing, aerating, fertilizing, leaf cleanup, power raking, dethatching, sod, overseeding, landscaping, sprinkler repair services and more in the following areas:





Fort Calhoun


La Vista







Call or text us now (402) 208-2804 or Request a Quote.


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