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Sod Installation in Omaha, NE

The absolute fastest way to achieving a deep green lawn that makes your yard the envy of the neighborhood. We install sod in Omaha, NE , Elkhorn, Bennington and throughout the metro area for residential and commercial clients. Simply call (402) 208-2804.

Expert Sod Installers in Omaha, NE, Elkhorn, Bennington & Surrounding Metro Area

Sod is the top choice of property owners building the foundation of a perfect lawn. From site prep, proper slope grading, to properly installing your new sod to ensure it's best opportunity to succeed. Our team specializes in sod installation projects on newly built homes or commercial buildings, as well as renovating existing lawns. Give us a call today at (402) 208-2804 or request a quote today. 

Benefits of Installing Sod vs Grass Seed

  • Sod creates a green lawn instantly

  • Sod roots faster than seed

  • Sod helps with soil erosion prevention

  • Once sod has rooted, it is ready for foot traffic

  • Sod is resilient against invasive weeds

  • Sod can be installed throughout the growing season in Nebraska

Whether you just purchased land to build your dream home or need sod for your commercial building or in need of a lawn renovation and sod installation, call us at

(402) 208-2804 or request a quote, we are here to help you transform your dreams into a reality.


Grass Seed & Overseeding

We Mow Omaha lawn care provides grass seeding and overseeding services. The number one reason clients go with seeding or overseeding is the cost. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the correct grass for your lawn. Do you want drought tolerant and low maintenance lawn or durable for heavy traffic lawn capable of handling children play areas to dog runs or a lawn with shade vs sun or the manicured golf course look? The first thing to do is consider what you want from your lawn at your residence or commercial property in Omaha, Elkhorn or Bennington and the surrounding metro area and simply give us a call at (402) 208-2804 or request a quote. We generally overseed when we aerate and or dethatch lawns to achieve a nice thick lawn and add fertilizer for the best results.

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