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Lawn Dethatching / Power Raking & Clean Up in Omaha

Wake up your lawn in early Spring with professional lawn dethatching / power raking and clean up service for your residential or commercial property in Omaha, Elkhorn or Bennington and the surrounding metro area, call us at (402) 208-2804 or request a quote.

Lawn Dethatching Service in Omaha, NE

Thatch is a thin layer of decomposing organic matter that builds up especially after a long winter. Ideally, thatch is less than 1/2" inch thick, anything more and it can prevent air, moisture, fertilizer and nutrients from getting to your turf's roots. So, it's imperative to get rid of this build up of thatch thru a process called dethatching or power raking to open up your lawn in Spring. We equip our commercial grade lawn equipment with a tine rakes and driving our machines throughout all accessible areas of your lawn to scrape up all the dead debris to the top of the grass. Then we engage our blades and the attached bagging systems vacuum up all the grass and debris. Your turf will look rough and unsightly for a few days, but with sunlight, water, and warm weather, your lawn will look better than before.


Spring Yard Clean Up Service in Omaha, NE

After bitter cold temperatures, high winds and snow, after the snow melts most properties look rough and are in definite need of some TLC. The work done on your lawn in early Spring will set the tone for the health and longevity of your lawn throughout the upcoming growing season. Landscaping areas often need leaves, sticks and debris cleaned out and all the debris needs to be hauled away. Our Spring clean up service provides that and more. 

Our Typical Spring Clean Up in Omaha, NE Includes

  • Trim perennials such as Daylillies, Hostas, Ornamental Grasses, etc that were not cut back in the Fall to allow for new growth

  • Use backpack blowers to remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from landscaping beds, off decks, patios, and off hard surfaces onto turf

  • If your lawn needs dethatching it is done at this time

  • Bagging up the leaves, any grass that has grown and other debris with commercial grade mowers equipped with bagging systems

  • All debris is hauled away

leaf clean up 1.jpg

Our routes in the Spring fill up fast! So, if you need service at your residence or commercial property in Omaha, Elkhorn or Bennington and the surrounding metro area, call us today at (402) 208-2804 or request a quote now. 

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